Annual Playground Inspections

Annual Playground Inspections

The annual playground inspections take place once a year to look at the condition of the facility to ensure it is safe for use.

RPII Experts

RPII Experts

Register of Play Inspectors International is the standards set which should be followed by all play areas to maintain the safety.

Independent Specialists

Independent Specialists

We work nationwide as expert inspectors who can examine your playground and carry out risk assessments.

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Annual Playground Inspections

We carry out annual playground inspections to make certain your facility is in the best possible condition and ensure there are no risks that could be unsafe for children. It is highly recommended that play areas across the United Kingdom are inspected at least once a year by a qualified company who has been trained by special bodies like RoSPA. British and European safety standard BS EN1176 and the Health and Safety Executive recommend these inspections to ensure the grounds are safe for young people to play in. 

We manage teams that have been highly trained by RoSPA (or similar approved) and have worked with a number of professionals and can guarantee high quality testing. By carrying out annual inspections you can be sure that your playground meets any legal requirements and complies with a number of British safety standards. To find out more about annual playground inspections, please contact our experts by completing the enquiry form on this page.

Independent Specialist Play Inspectors Near Me

Our team of independent specialist play inspectors can complete a range of services to check the safety of your playground. We work nationwide, meaning that we've got a number of local specialists nearby you and within surrounding areas. Our independent inspectors will have a look at your playground's surfacing and equipment and complete the required tests to ensure children will not be at risk when using the equipment or playing within the area. 

It is recommended to conduct these tests regularly; we would suggest once a year as a minimum. Independent specialist play inspectors have been trained by professional bodies such as RoSPA, which means we have all the expertise needed to complete the tests required. If you would like to set up an annual inspection for your play area, please do not hesitate to contact our staff. Use the contact form to speak to our team members and we shall respond at the earliest opportunity with details on annual assessments and how we can get closest to your necessary requirements.

ROSPA Yearly Inspection

If you are looking for a professional company to undertake yearly inspections, our instructed professionals have been trained by RoSPA making them a qualified team who can undertake professional inspection services. We will organise RoSPA tests in your play-area on set dates to provide schools, communities and various organisations with annual inspections they can rely on. When carrying out the inspections, we will offer a written report which shall cover site safety, condition, equipment, surfacing along with the safety and condition of ancillary items. We will also check the compliance with BS EN 1176.

Once the annual inspection has been completed, we offer our recommendations on any repairs or maintenance work that needs to be done to reduce risks and improve safety. To find out more about a RoSPA annual inspection, please feel free to contact our staff using the enquiry form provided. We'll respond as soon as possible with all the necessary information surrounding RoSPA inspectors.

Register of Play Inspectors Near Me

We have a range of experts who are registered and certified RPII inspectors. Register of play inspectors can be found across the UK to check the playground for all the necessary safety features. Our experts have been registered with RPII for a long period of time, which makes them popular within the playground inspection industry. 

RPII Inspector Experts

If you are looking for RPII inspector experts to assess your play area and conduct the necessary checks and tests, make sure to speak to our professional team. We have years of experience in the inspection industry and we shall complete an annual inspection to make certain your playground is safe for users. Our RPII inspector experts are professionals when it comes to the annual inspections and can carry out reassessments where necessary. It is highly recommended to get an RPII inspector to undertake the assessments at least once a year to ensure the area is safe.

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We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have, so please feel free to ask us about the inspections we may  carry out. If you would like more information on annual playground inspections please get in touch with our team now by filling in the contact form provided. 


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