EN1177 Playground Inspectors in Ardbeg

EN1177 Playground Inspectors in Ardbeg

As EN1177 playground inspectors, we take a look at the safety of the surfacing and equipment to ensure all the kids are safe.

Critical Fall Height in Ardbeg

Critical Fall Height in Ardbeg

The critical fall height is based on the highest piece of equipment that can be stood on which will determine the depth of the flooring.

Impact Absorbing Surface in Ardbeg

Impact Absorbing Surface in Ardbeg

Impact absorbing surfaces are used in play areas as a safety flooring which can include grass, wetpour and rubber mulch.

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EN1177 Playground Inspectors in Ardbeg

EN1177 playground inspectors in Ardbeg PA42 7 set the standards for the critical fall heights as well as the safety requirements and test methods. Although the standards are not a legal necessity, they do represent good practise in the case of an accident claim. The safety of children is extremely important to us and we aim to make every play facility secure for all users, of all ages. 

If you're interested in finding out more information regarding the EN1177 standards and how we can inspect your facility, contact us today. Our expert team are happy to talk you through the process of inspection and give you the details to have a safe and fun play area. Simply fill in the enquiry form provided and an expert will be in touch shortly answering all your questions. 

What is EN 1177 Standards?

The EN1177 standards are based on the statistical analysis of head injuries and are used to determine the depth of the surfacing. To reduce the chances of head injuries occuring, there are reccommended layers of thickness, depending upon the flooring you have in place. If the surfacing has a higher thickness, there may be a lower risk of injury.

There are many ways in which an injury can occur which is not down to the surfacing including; the way in which an individual falls, body orientation, bone density and much more. Although there is never a chance of a completley risk free facility, we make sure there are reduced chances. 

If you would like to find out more information and speak to one of our experts, contact us today. We are able to inspect your play area to ensure that it meets the EN1177 standards. Just fill in the contact form provided and we'll be in touch shortly. 

EN1177 Playground Surfacing

EN1177 playground surfacing determine the critical fall height for the EN1176. Depending on the critcal fall height, the depth of the flooring will differ. If your CFH is up to 2.5m the reccommended depth coverage is between 150mm-300mm. If the depth is thicker, the fall height can be higher. However the exact fall height and deepness you require will be different depending upon the surfacing you have in place.

The EN 1176-1:2008 covers soft surfaces and playground equipment to ensure both are installed correctly. 

We have expert inspectors on hand to test and monitor your play areas to ensure that they are suitable for use. If you would like to talk to one of our experts regarding the inspections that we can carry out for you, get in touch with us today.

Critical Fall Height Testing

The critical fall height certification is based on the highest point of the play equipment in Ardbeg PA42 7 which a child may stand on. This will determine the depth of the flooring so it can absorb the impact from the fall. The testing is carried out by professionals who will drop a metal instrument onto a sample of the surfacing.

They will then record how fast and hard it hit the flooring. This will take place from a variety of heights to see what makes the most impact and what is the safest height for children. As experts, we look into the details that are involved in the testing and find results that are most accurate so you'll be safe at all times. We put your saftey at the centre of our focus at all times to ensure that the facilities are suitable for everyone.

If you'd like to speak to one of our expert inspectors regarding what the critical fall height testing involves, or how they perform the test, contact us today. Simply fill out the enquiry form above and a member of our team will contact shortly with more information and detail. 

Impact Absorbing Safety Surfaces

There are a range of impact absorbing safety surfaces that can be used in a play area in Ardbeg PA42 7 .

These can include grass, wetpour and rubber mulch which each absorb impact, making them safer for use for children that will be playing in the area. Each of these surfaces are porous which means water can drain, allowing the equipment to be used year round and prevent waterlogged surfaces.

If you're interested in finding out which impact surfacing would be best for your play area in Ardbeg get in touch today. We are happy to talk you through the absorbing surfaces and get the safest flooring for your facility. 

Max Fall From Height

The max fall from height can vary depending on the safety surface and its depth. If the flooring depth is thicker then the maximal fall height will be higher as it should be able to absorb more of the impact.

Our experts can give you all the right measurements and thickness that you will need to know to have a safe play area. There should always be no obsticles in the way of a fall as this could bring more harm to the child. We are able to give you all the right information that is necessary to produce a fun, injury free play area facility that meets the EN1177 standards.

Safety surfaces should reach at least as far from the equipment edge as the free fall height.

Let us know today if you're interested in learning more about our inspections!

BS EN 1177 CFH Surfacing

Once you have built and produced your playground in Ardbeg PA42 7 our expert inspectors are able to test your facility. This ensures that it is safe for use and meets the requirements.

Get in touch with us today if you are interested in learning more regarding the EN1177 playground inspections in Ardbeg PA42 7 .

As experts we aim to get the safest results that meet the standards necessary. Let us know your details through the enquiry form provided and our experts will be back in touch shortly. 

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