Playground Safety Inspector in Latheron

Playground Safety Inspector in Latheron

A playground inspector is able to exam your facility to ensure that both the surfacing and equipment is safe for use.

Safety Inspections  in Latheron

Safety Inspections in Latheron

As specialist inspectors we are able to review your whole facility to the standards set, to make sure the children are protected.

Expert Assessors  in Latheron

Expert Assessors in Latheron

There are a variety of tests that we carry out that look for any missing, loose or dangerous features that could be a potential risk.

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Playground Safety Inspector in Latheron

If you're searching for a professional playground safety inspector in Latheron KW5 6 to carry out checks on your equipment or surfacing, our team can provide you the very best services. We can carry out a number of different tests to ensure your children's play area is safe for use. With years of experience within the testing industry, you are guaranteed to receive top quality tests from our professionals. It is important to get a playground safety inspector to have a look at your play facility making sure the children will be safe when using apparatus and playing in the area. We perform various tests and make certain your play-area meets up with certain safety standards and requirements. 

Our experts would be more than happy to offer you more info on the inspections which we may complete if required. For details on play inspection specialists and what testing they can complete to make sure your area is safe, please get in touch with us using the enquiry form provided. As quickly as we receive your enquiry, we shall respond with additional details on the services we undertake. Our experts aim to respond to enquiries as soon as possible, so be sure to contact us now.


Playground Inspection Near Me

A number of people search for 'playground inspection near me' to be certain the play-area is safe for use. We are a nationwide company who can get local inspectors to conduct testing for your facility. We have experts nearby you and in surrounding areas who can offer professional testing making certain children will not be at risk when playing on your facility. We complete playground inspections at schools, nurseries, parks and a range of other establishments. 

In order to avoid accidents, it is important for the owner of the play space making certain a professional inspection is carried out. It is vital that you undertake frequent tests if recommended by the inspection company to ensure the area is risk free. 

Play Area Inspections Legal Requirements

When it comes to play area inspections, there are not any specific legal requirements to provide inspection and maintenance programmes; however they are recommended by a variety of departments such as the British Standard Institute, Health-and-Safety Executive, RoSPA and numerous others. The managers of play-areas have a legal responsibility to make certain children using the area are safe. With this in mind, inspections ought to be to EN1176 part 7 to make certain children are safe.

If you've got any questions or queries regarding play-area inspections and legal requirements, please contact our professional team. We will reply to any concerns you may have as quickly as possible ensuring your playground meets up with all the necessary requirements set out by various H&S institutions.

Play Inspection Company in Latheron

Our expert play inspection company in Latheron KW5 6 can offer a range of different tests. No matter what you are looking for, we can help. If you're interested in post installation checks, annual and operational inspections or anything else, please speak to one of us and we shall discuss the tests in more detail. Before carrying out these inspections we'll look into your specific requirements in order to get closest to your individual needs. 

Our team have worked iwithn the inspection company for a number of years and work hard making certain the tests are done to the best quality. We want to be sure playgrounds are safe for kids and that means carrying out a variety of safety tests. If you'd like more information on the testing that our play inspection company can complete, please complete the contact form provided and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

Safety Inspections Near Me

When searching for a company to carry out safety inspections for your playground, it's vital you get professionals who have been within the industry for many years. Our specialists have plenty of experience and expert knowledge when it comes to inspecting areas for safety. We offer affordable prices for our services and we'll make sure to let you know if you can do anything to improve your facility. Make sure to get in contact with our specialist team regarding the safety tests we perform now for more details. Simply fill in our contact box and we'll reply to you.

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If you would like more information on how you can get a playground safety inspector in Latheron KW5 6 to check your play area, please speak to our expert team by filling out the contact form provided. Once we receive your enquiry we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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