Post Installation Inspections in Alness

Post Installation Inspections in Alness

The post installation inspections are carried out once the facility has been completed, ensuring that it has been produced to a high standard and safe for use.

Inspection Test in Alness

Inspection Test in Alness

For parks that have had an inspection carried out, they will usually have a life expectancy as they will have less faults.

RPII Specialists in Alness

RPII Specialists in Alness

As a team of experts, we are able to inspect and assess your facility to look for cleanliness, missing or loose parts and any other features that could be a danger.

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Post-Installation Inspections in Alness

Post installation inspections are carried out in Alness IV17 0 to ensure the playground meets the requirements and has been installed accurately. A specialist will oversee the finished play area and produce a full, written report which indicates the quality of the surrounding areas.

Your facility will always need a post installation inspection, lead by a professional, who will look to see whether the equipment and surfacing is to the required standards. As experts we are able to perform the inspection which will ensure that your play area is both safe and suitable for everyone. Let us know if you are interested in our services by filling in the enquiry form provided and a member of our expert team will get back to you shortly with more information. 

Correctly Installed Inspection Test

For many play areas in Alness IV17 0 the installation of the equipment must be perfect to ensure that grounds are safe for use. Our expert inspectors carry out a risk assessment that look to find the problems that may occur and try and find any improvements that need to take place. Due to the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, all kid's parks require an assessment to be made which can influence the the life expectancy of the park. Speak to one of our experts today to learn more about how the post-installation inspection can be beneficial for your business and how we can support you. 

Not only will the risk assessment make a judgement to locate the potential harm that the equipment can bring, but also help improve the performance of the apparatus. It may be more worthwhile for you to fix a problem as soon as the issue arises, than it would to rebuild the playground at a later date. For this reason you should always make sure the inspections are performed so you know exactly what needs improving and adapting. 

ROSPA Post Installation Inspectors Near Me

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) is the organisation in place that helps minimise the risk of casualties that take place within a nearby play area. ROSPA carry out the post-installation inspections for many playgrounds and schools in Alness IV17 0 to ensure that they are safe for use at all times. During the post installation inspection, the assessors will look at the equipment and flooring without dismantling the area and looking at the underground work. For ROSPA it is crucial that the standards of inspection are extremely high and no vital information is missed from the risk assessment. We look at the surfacing, equipment and ancillary which each have to be assessed to confirm that the play area is safe for use. 

If you are interested in finding out more information or are after having a post installation inspection in Alness get in touch today. Simply fill in the enquiry form provided and a member of our expert team will be back in contact shortly with more details.  

RPII Play Area Inspector in Alness

Register of Playground Inspectors International is the UK body for examining indoor, outdoor and inflatable playareas. Their aim is to put safety first and protect the children as they are using the equipment. All inspectors have to be to the RPII standards which means that you must be fully qualified and trained to carry out each assessment. As a team of experts, we have all taken the appropriate courses and are fully qualified to work with you and inspect your playground. We only have the highest standards, as safety for everyone in Alness IV17 0 is our priority throughout the process. Let us know if you would like to find out more information and are interested in what we can offer you. 

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If you would like to find out more information regarding the post installation inspections we carry out in Alness IV17 0 get in touch today. As experts we perform the job to a high standard and get the results that are suitable for the play area closest to you. Just let us know the details of your facility and a member of our team will be in touch shortly with all the information you will need. Please fill in the enquiry form provided and our experts will be happy to help. 

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